Independent Consulting

The consultation we have to offer is independent of any provider, so your choice of technology, products and solutions is yours alone. We will support you in your decisions and help with the installation and operation. You can trust in our branch-specific skills and our intricate knowledge of various technologies – we’re the right partner for your project.

Our Consulting Services

  • Requirements Engineering
  • Performance Analysis
  • Process Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Concept Design and Project Planning
  • Scrum Coaching
  • Quality Management

What happens in a Consultation?

If you call on us as your consultants, the first step is a detailed discussion of your demands, your needs and future possibilities. Then, if necessary, we will do a comprehensive requirement assessment. If you have not worked with us before, an analysis of your current IT infrastructure usually follows. If necessary, a process analysis is done. Because of our longstanding expertise in various industrial branches, we are familiar with most IT structures and are a good judge of important and critical issues.

As a result, we will suggest targeted and future oriented solutions for your business, which are in reasonable proportion in regard to effort, costs and delivered benefit.

If necessary, we will coach your IT department so that you and your staff are in the position to handle the upgrade of your system on your own. If you prefer, a OHB Digital Services crew will assist you on location. Our certified scrum masters will coach and support you in carrying out your complex projects. And finally, our test support center guarantees your project’s quality assurance.

Our Clients in Consulting

We offer our services to large industrial as well as mid-sized companies. Our clients are from the heavy industry, the aeronautics and space industry and the automotive branch. Providers of transport and logistics services, of marketing services and businesses serving the packaging industry are also part of our client portfolio.

Among our clients are

  • Airbus Germany
  • ArcelorMittal Steel
  • Converteam GmbH
  • OHB System AG
  • DHS Vertriebs Service GmbH

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