Database Solutions Designed for Your Needs

Whether you hire us for smaller tasks amounting to a few person-weeks, e.g. for supporting the development of your database, or whether you want to create and turn into practice a detailed concept for archive and catalogue systems of up to several man-years, we will work out professional solutions for you.

Databases are the heart of almost every IT application. Working with relational databases via SQL (Structured Query Language) has always been a key field of work for OHB Digital Services. Meanwhile, we have gained over 100 man-years of experience in this area.

We develop professional solutions for your individual problems.

Our Experience is Your Advantage

Every line of business has different demands. We know about the characteristics in

  • aviation industry
  • heavy industry
  • commerce and marketing
  • public authorities and administration
  • defence

We develop the right database solution for you, too. We realise projects with client servers or as internet/intranet applications with all common database systems. Placing a premium on high quality and safety demands is a matter of course for our programming environments. You will receive extensive technological advice which is oriented to your needs.

Do You Prefer a Flexible Solution?

It is possible to use web-based applications (C#/.NET) on different devices, as computers, mobile phones or PDAs.

Do You Want to Improve the Benefit of Your own and External Resources?

We offer solutions based on service-oriented architecture (SOA). This not only helps you saving money for software development in the long term, but also renders your business processes more flexible.

Do You Need Consultation with Oracle Databases?

We offer you Oracle consulting, licences and training. We support you with all services dealing with Oracle technologies, for example:

  • designing database applications with Oracle Forms, Java/ADF and C#/.NET
  • writing of reports with Oracle Reports
  • programming in PL/SQL (Procedural Language/SQL)
  • database administration

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