Developing Professional Business Solutions with Business Engineering

Seize the opportunity changing markets, clients and values offer you by using innovations in information and communication technology for developing new business models.

We support the reorganisation and enhancement of your business processes with methods taken from process management theory. The processes taking place in your company will be systematically and integrally recorded. Furthermore, we simultaneously provide a detailed specification and analysis of the business processes as well as the organisation of the workflow in your company. In addition, we carry out surveys on functional aspects of the processes in question.

Besides organisational and technical aspects, we never forget to include you and your employees into our considerations.

We Optimise Your IT Infrastructure

The core of successful enterprise architecture is a perfect interaction between areas of information technology and the business activities of the company. The IT infrastructure has to be able to adapt to new challenges in a flexible way.

We analyse your IT and create a detailed specification which takes into consideration the enterprise architecture, the data modelling and the required system interfaces. This makes it easier to assess the investments made in the IT area.

From Theory to Practice

The analysis is followed by planning the actual realisation, which includes hardware requirements, integrability of standard software, an estimation of the needed degree of maintenance and an approximation of the complexity of the implementation process.

160113 microsoft silver combi logoWe assist you in putting your project into practice. Our reliable team consisting of database and software experts and of Windows and Linux server-certified IT colleagues joins you in launching your project successfully.

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