Reorganisation of an Order Processing System

Analysis of DHS

Development of a detailed concept for the administrative and DP-technical reorganisation of DHS’s order processing system

Our services included

  • an as-is analysis including a stocktaking of hardware, orgware, commercial software, data models and of the functionality of the previous system
  • professional and detailed specification including an analysis of the business processes and their organisation as well as a survey of the functional demands of DHS’s order processing
  • DP-technical detailed specification with a definition of the system architecture, a data modelling worked out on the basis of Oracle Designer CASE tools, a complete description of the functional model including layout drafts for the editing dialogues and reports plus a specification of the system interfaces
  • planning of implementation which includes a listing of hardware requirements, research on availability, scope of services and integratability of commercial software, a cost estimate of the different stages of implementation and a cost estimate for system maintenance

Logo of the DHS Vertriebs Service GmbHWith a central warehouse in Bremen, DHS Vertriebs Service GmbH is a nationwide operator of personnel services for merchandising, conversion, leasing sales force, compliance checks, sales promotion and personnel promotion.

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