Scrum Coaching

Solving complex problems with SCRUM

If you intend to manage a complex project we can offer our assistance and expertise. Scrum is a method of handling projects which is especially recommendable when dealing with frequently varying customer demands. With Scrum, projects are easily organized by

  • regularly evaluating the product
  • enhancing transparency by daily information on progress and obstacles
  • continuously adapting the product to meet customer demands.

Agile projects presuppose experience and a confident handling of tools. Our crew of experienced Product Owners (CSP) and certified Scrum Masters (CSM) has successfully supported several Scrum implementations. Where appropriate, we have additionally employed Kanban to visualize processes, to define rules for the workflow and thereby ultimately optimizing process lead time.

If you decide to employ Scrum, we will assist you on your way into the agile world without losing sight of your goals.


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