Copernicus Demonstrators - Lot1 - Mobility, Emergency and Infrastructures

The Copernicus satellite constellation, a critical component of the European Union’s Space Programme, provides comprehensive, free, and open-access data and services across various thematic areas, including Land, Marine, Atmosphere, Climate Change, Emergency, and Security. To enhance downstream and commercial uptake of these services, EUSPA is supporting a project aimed at demonstrating innovative Proof of Concepts to broaden its user base through new applications.

OHB Digital Services has been commissioned to lead the project, which is executed in two phases: Phase 1 involves the technical feasibility assessment of five Proof of Concepts, while Phase 2 focusses on the development and technical implementation of three selected concepts.

Phase 1

Study on technical feasibility and commercial viability of innovative Copernicus demonstrators in 5 Proof of Concepts (POCs)​:

  • POC 1 Aircraft Emission Measurement and Monitoring
  • POC 2 Emergency Preparedness and Early warning of Floods
  • POC 3 Autonomous Navigation and Ship route optimization
  • POC 4Smart mobility and Autonomous cars
  • POC 5Infrastructures monitoring​​

The project consortium for phase 1:

OHB Digital Services, Prime

Proof of Concept 5: Monitoring historical, current, and forecasted rail track temperature data to enhance railway infrastructure.

Science and Technology B.V

Proof of Concept 1: Monitoring sulphur dioxide (SO2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentra-
tions around major European airports at increased spatial resolution to support sustainable aviation practices.


Proof of Concept 2: Assessing flood risks by integrating high-resolution Copernicus data with hydrological and hydraulic modeling for accurate risk assessment on user-tailored assets.

OHB LuxSpace

Proof of Concept 3: Evaluating the impact of biofouling on shipping routes, emissions, fuel consumption, and hull cleaning costs to
optimize operations and reduce environmental impact.


e:fs TechHub

Proof of Concept 4: Efficient route planning
for sustainable mobility using global data to optimize travel routes, reducing environmental impact and congestion, and promoting eco-friendly transportation solutions.


Euroconsult (now Novaspace)

Supporting all Proof of Concepts with consulting and business analyses and leading the process of recommendation of 3 Proof of Concepts for Phase 2​.

Phase 2 - Invitation to Tender

As a result of the selection process at the end of Phase 1, three POCs have been selected for the technical demonstration in Phase 2:

  • POC 1 Aircraft Emission Measurement and Monitoring led by S[&]T
  • POC 2 Emergency Preparedness and Early warning of Floods led by Waterjade
  • POC 3 Autonomous Navigation and Ship route optimization led by OHB Luxspace

Within the framework of the Copernicus Demonstrators Lot1 project under the Contract EUSPA/OP/03/22/LOT1, OHB Digital Services is to subcontract 20% of the total project budget to support the technical demonstration of the selected POCs in Phase 2.

OHB Digital Services hereby invites interested economic operators to submit a tender for the following task:

POC1 Task - UX design, UI development and user adoption support

The tendered task involves the redesign of the UX and UI of the air quality monitoring application developed by S&T for the Copernicus Demonstrators project alongside the establishment of a robust online presence for the air quality monitoring, ensuring that the solution reaches and resonates with the target audience for POC1. The task is divided into four main activities: 1) Consulting stakeholders to finalize user requirements, 2) UX/UI design based on user requirements, 3) Co-developing the UI together with the POC1 development team, and 4) Creation of marketing materials to support the user adoption roadmap.

A prerequisite for submitting a tender is to have understood the scope of work via the following documents:

Selected tenderers will be required to sign the subcontracting contract with OHB Digital Services within the specified main contract EUSPA/OP/03/22/LOT1. Therefore, the legal framework of this Tender is  defined with the legal framework of the EUSPA/OP/03/22 Tender as defined with the documents that are available at eTendering - Data (

The tenders shall be submitted exclusively in electronic format via email to the following e-mail address:

Deadline for submission of tenders: 02.08.2024


Copernicus Demonstrators - Lot 1 is carried out under a programme of and funded by the European Union Agency for the Space Programme

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