IT-Services tailored to your Business Needs

We have gathered experience in many different business sectors – therefore, we’re able to employ our interdisciplinary know-how across all industries. Whether it’s our IT Consulting Service or an individual software solution for your company: Our diversity is the foundation of knowing exactly what the key issues are. You can rely on this knowledge at any stage of your project, beginning with the requirements assessment, on to project management, up to the final quality assurance by our test center and the necessary coaching.

In case you require additional staff to accompany you and help directly on location, we’re able to supply you with a software developer or smaller and larger teams.

Longstanding Experience and Expertise in Software and Consulting

Benefit from our 20 years of experience in project management and IT development – we’re familiar with your requirements.

Examples: Manufacturing

  • Heavy Industry
    Visualization of dialogs in line control, specifically Level 2 dialogs
  • Automotive Branch
    Infotainment for international commercial vehicle manufacturers
  • Aeronautics and Aerospace Industry
    Document Management, Quality Assurance, staff support in Satellite Development
  • Packaging Industry
    Refactoring of Data Acquisition and Production Control

Examples: Service Companies

  • Transport Companies
    Navigation Systems, Tracking and Tracing
  • Healthcare Companies
    Software Development for maintaining the mobility of dementia patients in the early stages of the disease
  • Insurance Companies
    Software for the support of hotlines, customer support and administrative tasks
  • Commerce and Marketing
    Business Intelligence Systems, Mobile Data Acquisition for the arrangement of storage areas and POS Marketing

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