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How data visualization and process optimization have improved operations

The project

As a medium-sized company, Delmenhorster Kork-Fabrik Arthur Linck GmbH has been established in the beverage industry for over 90 years.

At a time when innovations follow one another very closely, conventional and long-term planning is reaching its limits. In order to make the evaluation of data more efficient or even automatic, the customer saw the great opportunity to achieve this through a collaboration with OHB Digital Services.


Consulting on process optimization and visualization with Microsoft Power BI


Delmenhorster Kork-Fabrik



"Thanks to the successful collaboration with OHB Digital Services GmbH, we have been able to increase quality and efficiency through cloud-based data evaluation and visualization. We are very happy with the targeted programming and support"

Andreas Linck - Delmenhorster Kork-Fabrik Arthur Linck GmbH

Previous manual database evaluations became increasingly time-consuming. Initially, the customer's requirements were limited to being able to call up the production figures much more easily and efficiently.

The application with Microsoft Power-BI technology resulted from the collaboration shows in a clearly structured interface which machine has manufactured how many products for which customer. An application that simply separates days, machines, shifts and productions from one another and visualizes them in a clear and consistent design.

In addition, database evaluations are now possible, which are not only prepared automatically, but can also be accessed at any time on mobile and desktop devices.

"There don't have to be any IT problems to deliver valuable IT solutions to customers."

Dr. Darko Ojdanić, Head of Software Development - OHB Digital Services GmbH

For us, this newly won cooperation is the first step into a future-oriented and ongoing cooperation which is open to any software area.

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