Barcode scanner based on Android

With the use of a new scanner technology SCHULZ Systemtechnik complements their portfolio in the area of operation of mobile devices.

SCHULZ Systemtechnik GmbH is one of the leading developers of automation solutions. The combination of an Android smartphone and an installed laser scanner offers a flexible solution that can easily be adapted to future demands. In comparison to previous devices it is mainly the usability that is improved. OHB Digital Services supports the developing process of the software to integrate an MES (Manufacturing Execution System) into the devices.


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SCHULZ Systemtechnik GmbH




The software featured as an Android application controls the laser scanner and maintains a bidirectional port (Schnittstelle) to the MES. Therefore the MES is able to send instructions and information to a specific device, for example to inform the user about upcoming tasks.

During the scan process, the user gets an audiovisual feedback from the MES to discover if the right object has been scanned. The MES can give any additional information to the user throughout the scan process. This solution differentiates from other scanners whose feedback is limited to the detection of the code.

However the solution offers the same easy handling as any usual scanner: the integrated laser scanner enables a code detection in the usual amount of time. As the device starts immediatley by opening the app, the end user doesn’t have to deal with the operating system.


The app was developed for Android platform and to be used in Android devices with integrated laser scanner.

With more than 1.000 employers at different places worldwide SCHULZ Systemtechnik offers individually customized solutions in diverse industries.


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