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Digital document management system





Nutzen von DDMS

The Digital Document Management System (DDMS) is a web-based document management system for managing technical information for aircraft projects. The advantage is the simple integration into the work environment at Airbus, which makes it possible to avoid fundamental changes in the existing work processes. The system facilitates and accelerates the management and research in project folders, which can contain several thousand pages per aircraft type.

DDMS can be used fot breaking down, sorting, converting and versioning the postscript files and controls the correct naming and assignment of distributed individual pages. The documents are copied to the corresponding directories on the document server. In addition, the individual pages are indexed to enable a full text search across all documents.

All documents can be accessed via a web application. Its pages are generated dynamically. The documents are displayed in a hierarchical tree structure, similar to Windows Explorer, in which individual pages can also be assigned to several aircraft types via inheritance.

On the project folders and their pages different perspectives are possible and individually compiled documents can also be generated. The reports generated via the web interface can be sent to the departments as e-mail or on data storage media or are available for download on the document server.

The form and frequency in which a user is informed about new and changed documents can be configured individually depending on their authorizations.

Protection of sensitive data

The rights for access to aircraft projects are flexibly administered via group membership and can be divided into individual chapters. The access takes place via a secure connection protocol. Documents and e-mails are always transmitted in encrypted form. The password management can be adapted to the current Airbus security guidelines and prevents access to the application if the password is not changed within the prescribed period.

Automatic time and cost savings

There is no additional workload for employees through training or additional work steps. The system saves time and money automatically. Information about changes is immediately transmitted to all partners involved through implemented mechanisms. The system enjoys a high level of acceptance by maintaining the workflow and is used in both countries Germany and France.

Operating system: Linux
Database: ORACLE
Tools / programming languages: SQL, PL / SQL, Java Servlets / Server Pages, Word AddIn page assignment tool, Unix Shell Command, ORACLE

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