Steel ladle tracking software for ArcelorMittal

Software for tracking, visualizing the status and managing the steel ladles

The software developed by OHB Digital Services GmbH allows to display, document and control information on the status of the ladles, allocate batches and manage base data.

In the course of the planned modernization of the plant, software that can be flexibly adapted to changes was required. The new software replaces the outdated and static system and makes the handling easier, thanks to its intuitive operation and faster access to all required modules. The software is used at a wide range of workstations: in the ladle control, in the converter control room, in the continuous casting control room and for the crane operators.


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Arcelor Mittal Bremen GmbH


intuitive operation

The new system combines applications for steel ladle tracking and management which previously have been separate and can be operated intuitively via touchscreen or keyboard. Especially in the factory hall and the crane driver's cab, the operation via touchscreen is a great advantage for reasons of space and also because the keyboard and mouse can get dirty easily.

The dialogue for steel ladle tracking enables a quick overview of their status, such as position or heat status, to be obtained via a schematic representation of the ladles in the factory. Detailed information about the ladles can be shown up with a mouse-click or a finger-tip. It is just as easy to record weights, document the position of the ladles or assign ladle covers.

The systematic representation of the steel production can also be adapted to changes in the plant by configuration of base data.

Using further dialogues, ladles and steel quantities can be checked, batches can be assigned and sent, and base data can be maintained. The dialogues are compiled for each user group depending on their rights. The underlying security concept immediately checks the credibility of the input. If the conditions, stored in the system, get violated, the current process and all details get resetted and an error message gets released. In addition, the system has the option of entering all values ​​via an emergency record.


The application was developed as a client / server application with .NET and WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). The data is kept in an Oracle database. The exchange of data in real-time is possible through the use of Advanced Queuing.

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