The digital supply chain needs visability on 100% of the track

A good tracking product enables real time cargo monitoring

Real Time Intelligent Cargo Monitoring

OHB Digital Services entwickelt gemeinsam mit den Schwesterunternehmen LuxSpace und OHB Teledata sowie dem Partner arviem ein innovatives System zur Containerverfolgung. Das drahtlose Sensorennetzwerk soll Ortung und Statusverfolgung von Frachtgütern auf Schiffen, Bahn und Lkw ermöglichen. 

Für dieses Projekt wurde zwischen der ESA und LuxSpace ein Vertrag über ein Volumen von 2,5 Mio. € abgeschlossen. Vorangegangen war eine Test- und Analysephase mit potenziellen Kunden, in der die speziellen Anforderungen an ein intelligentes System zur Verfolgung besonders hochwertiger Fracht ermittelt wurden.

Neben dem Software Design zeigt sich OHB Digital Services auch verantwortlich für das Projektmanagement.


software project as funding project


OHB Teledata GmbH
arviem AG
Luxspace S.a.r.l


Monitoring Unit

Core element of the system is a box which contains the whole monitoring-technology and is easy to attach to the container. The prototype was developed by arviem, OHB Teledata and OHB Digital Services. It includes positioning via GPS, GPRS-communication, monitoring of temperature and humidity, door sensors and further basic features. These functions are extended by demands determined during the test phase:

  • software updates over-the-air

  • communication via iridium satellite communication system

  • wireless communication with sensors attached to cargo

  • processing and saving of Geofences


Software updates over-the-air

Time and cost savings for customers due to safe software updates at any time over-the-air, independent of unit locations: previously units had to be send back for software updates. An extension of the communication server and the software enable a new wireless transmission.

Reliable communication

Alarm signals have to reach the customer in the shortest time to be able to take appropriate measures. To ensure this even at sea, both the communication server and the unit are able to maintain communication via GSM and iridium satellites communication system.

Sensors attached to cargos are able to submit wireless data to units, which allows for exemple a more precise temperature control.

Geofencing increases security

Custumers get the opportunity to determine one or more areas, in which certain actions are allowed or in which achievements trigger alarm signals. Therefore it can only be possible to open containers in previously determined port areas or the stopping in some areas can trigger alarm signals.


Navigation and further ship data are provided via AIS-Data-Service byLuxSpace, transmitted into the container monitoring portal of the service provider and shown. Positions of units are captured via GPS/ GPRS/ Dual-Core-Processor-Chip.

Project Partners

OHB Teledata GmbH was founded in 1993 by Fuchs group and is a medium-sized telematics system house based in Bremen. The company develops industry-specific telematic systems for commercial vehicle fleets. In this project, Teledata is responsible for system technology and series production.

arviem AG, based in Baar in Switzerland, offers worldwide real time monitoring services and hard- and software-technologies for logistics service provider. arviem is responsible for requirements analysis, tests and test runs with customers.

Since 2004 LuxSpace S.à.r.l, based in Betzdorf, Luxembourg, is a sister company of OHB SE. The company supplies systems and services concerning aerospace and defence, with a focus on small satellites for science, communication, navigation and earth observation. During the project, LuxSpace was responsible for integration of AIS-data.

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