Visualization of level-2 dialogues for the steel industry

OHB Digital Services as a proven partner of Converteam GmbH

Bei der Modernisierung und Neuanlage von Tandemstraßen, Bandbehandlungsanlagen, Inspektionslinien und Dressiergerüsten sind wir ein bewährter Partner der Converteam GmbH, in deren Auftrag wir für zahlreiche Endkunden die Visualisierung von datenbankbasierten Dialogen der Prozessführungsrechner (sogenannte Level-2-Dialoge) realisiert haben.


software system


Converteam GmbH


End customers

  • Arcelor Mittal, Bremen

  • Rasselstein GmbH, Andernach

  • Novolipetsk Steel, Lipetzk, Russia

  • ThyssenKrupp Steel, Bochum plant

  • ThyssenKrupp Nirosta, Krefeld


Continuous cooperation since 2005.

Together with the customer we created a specification sheet and a detailed mask layout. Using Oracle Forms and Java dialogues the control stations in the entry, exit and control station are developed. The input and output sequence, the setup or pass schedule calculation and the roll data are checked and edited via the dialogues. The communication with the production planning system (level 3) and the level 1 system, which is used to operate and monitor the system, works with database-based telegrams.

The creation of manuals, training on the system, documentation and, in some cases, database administration are also part of the scope of the projects.

When the system has gone live and is optimized, one of our employees is always on site to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

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