Why is vulnerability analysis is also important for SMEs?

More than half of all SMEs in Germany have fallen victim to a cyber attack; depending on the extent of the attack, they have sustained financial losses of up to millions of euros.

The media are always reporting on cyber incidents involving the big players in the technology industry. From data leaks at Facebook and Twitch, to ransomware attacks on MediaMarkt and Saturn, to serious vulnerabilities in Microsoft products. All this news leads to the thought that such cyber attacks would only ever target the technology giants and that one's own small or medium-sized company would therefore not be of any interest to malicious actors.


Why should cybersecurity also be an issue for SMEs?

In reality, however, this is the opposite: SMEs are a very popular target for attackers. More than half of all SMEs in Germany have already been the victim of a cyberattack, and depending on the extent of the attack, there have been financial losses of up to millions. Ransomware attacks, the outflow of business-critical data or the compromising of entire IT infrastructures are just the tip of the iceberg.

IT security affects every company, even yours

Vulnerability analysis

Constant awareness and defensive readiness in the event of attacks as well as immediate intervention in response to security incidents are indispensable for stable IT security.

The first step: vulnerability analysis

In order to improve the security of IT systems, an overview analysis of these systems with regard to the current security level is essential. This is precisely where a vulnerability analysis comes in. Automated scans can be used to test, determine and process the security levels of various parts of an infrastructure. Thanks to automation, even large infrastructures can be mapped and analyzed in a very short time without any problems.

After a successful vulnerability scan, the results must be validated and evaluated accordingly. Based on these evaluations, measures are then discussed that will improve cybersecurity within the company in the short term, but above all in the long term and sustainably.

The vulnerability analysis merely reflects the current state.

Promoting IT security sustainably

It is important to understand that scanning the IT infrastructure alone does not add up to security, but only discloses options for action. In order to derive the best possible added value for cybersecurity from such an analysis, concrete measures should be defined and implemented based on the disclosed options for action. It is important that the defined measures for improving the security level are also meticulously monitored for compliance or implementation on an ongoing basis.

Due to the constant development and change of digital systems, a regular review of IT security is the key to optimal protection against malicious actors in the network. For example, an annual vulnerability analysis is a good way to check the development of corporate security and directly identify and address new vulnerabilities in the IT infrastructure.

Your journey with OHB Digital Services

We support you in the process of bringing your IT security to a new level. For this purpose, our IT security experts conduct an initial meeting with you to gain insight into the current state of your cybersecurity and to record your priorities for the further development of security. This involves determining which systems are critical to your business and how they should be tested as part of the vulnerability scan.

After agreeing on a fixed test period, we start analyzing the systems prioritized by you using the automated vulnerability scanner "Nessus Professional". The resulting results are then checked for correctness by our analysts and, if necessary, filtered so that you receive a report containing only relevant findings for improving your company's security.

After completion of the planned vulnerability scan, you will receive a comprehensive report on the results obtained, which will also be presented and discussed in detail in a feedback meeting. In this meeting, concrete measures for increasing the security level of your company will also be worked out directly with our experts. Thus, directly after the vulnerability analysis, an added value for your company is created in the short term.

In order to create long-term added value for you and your company, we offer ongoing vulnerability analyses, through which you can continuously keep an eye on the development of your security level and set priorities in an agile manner.



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