The digitalization demands a great willingness to change from us. Companies realize that they are in a state of constant change and want to prepare themselves with the help of agile transitions. They hope for shorter feedback cycles, less rework and thus an improvement in efficiency.

But the succes of agility can not be taken for granted. That becomes clear as soon as it begins to hurt. Our agile coaches are advisors, companions and coaches who are able to support you in your agile transformation.


    We do classical consultations with agile health checks, trainings and mentoring on a team and organizational level


    We accompany you in your teams or organizational units as Scrum Master and/or Agile Coach


    We support you in planning and implementing your agile transformation


The method isn’t important

We don’t just focus dogmatically on one method or framework. We offer a wide range of different experiences from various industries and team setups.

Stick to the principles

Our coaches really stick to their principles. For us, it is essential that agile principles are really understood. These principles are found on all levels: in work organization, in cooperation and in technical implementation. Principles like focusing on the essential is what motivates and helps us to adapt the benefits of agile processes to different groups in a company.

Even if your team has some issues with scrum, we can still get things right, because Scrum is never the goal. But it is very good at revealing what is going wrong.

Does this sound interesting for you and your company?
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