We have been developing software for our customers for over 30 years. Our software solutions are in use successfully and worldwide. We master a wide range of platforms and technologies. And we have a safe and reliable handling with state-of-the-art tools and methods. What is important to us: We are aiming for a holistic approach from different perspectives.

Our journey: For more than 10 years, we consistently rely on agile software development - because we are convinced that today’s software challenges can only be solved by an open-minded approach. Our experiences from dozens of successful projects have confirmed this way of working: generalized (one fits all) solutions do not exist! We develop and test possible solutions in close collaboration with our customers.

agile software development

Benefits of agile software development OHB Digital Services

  •  Agility: We consistently use agile methods. By doing so, we reduce risks and arrive at suitable solutions that bring added value to our customers.
  •   Integrated software development cycle: We integrate the requirements of end users of security, development, testing, IT operations and service in a closely linked cycle. You as a customer are always welcome to be involved and make decisions.
  •   Cross-functional teams: Our IT pioneers bring different areas of expertise to the group. We put a team together that fits perfectly to your software project.
  •   Requirements management: Our IREB-certified specialists approach problems from various perspectives. We are always focused on the user and the customer.
  •   Quality assurance and testing: Our focus is to develop high-quality software. Our software specialists with ISTQB-certificate prove that on a daily basis.
  •   DevOps: Our product development teams develop and maintain the software. On this way we create a high level of responsibility and very high availability.
  •   Automation: Our tests and operations are highly automated - using Infrastructure as Code and TDD.
  •   Modern web applications: Our applications use state-of-the-art web technology - mostly based on Angular or Vue.
  •   Mobile apps: We develop customized iOS and Android apps when native clients are beneficial.
  •   Low code: For cost-sensitive areas we are capable to build simple universal apps with low-code platforms.
  •   Security by design: For us IT security is mandatory and always placed at an early stage of the development.
  •   Software architecture: Our CPSA-FL- and CPSA-AL certified architects design software day-by-day. That’s why they are used to precisely meet the quality standards and requirements of the customers.

Your benefits: A clear approach for the development of modern software solutions. We think in an integrated, agile, team-based way and have all aspects in mind - from secure design to scalable deployment of solutions on cloud platforms.

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Customized software

Are you looking for a digital solution to make your business processes more efficient? We develop individual solutions for your company based on a modern software architecture.

Application modernisation

Do you need to modernise your company’s software solutions? We would be glad to consult you and find a suitable solution.

Requirements management

Our IREB-certified requirements analysis experts help you to determine, structure and write down your requirements to establish a solid base for your project.

Agile Coaching

Do you need support with your agile transformation? We offer a broad spectrum of experience from different industries and team setups.

Professional Services

Do you need support for your team due to staff shortage or order peaks? We are happy to put the skills of our experts at your disposal.

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