OHB Digital Services was founded in 1989 as megatel and was initially located in the BITZ (Bremen Information and Technology Center), the nucleus of the technology park. We have been part of the OHB Group since 2001 and made this visible by changing our name in 2017.

Today, as part of OHB DIGITAL, OHB Digital Services is a leader in the secure digitization of business processes along the value chain. In addition to hardware-related embedded software solutions, this also involves remote sensing services, cyber security and user-friendly end customer solutions. As a member of the OHB Group, we can harness the knowledge of more than 3,000 top engineers for your benefit.

We are also a certified Microsoft partner in the areas of data center and application development. We advise you on the design and implementation of your IT solutions, regardless of whether they run in the Microsoft Azure cloud or in your own infrastructure.

We are part of the OHB Group, one of the largest and most successful space and technology companies in Europe. In three strategic business units, OHB provides international customers with sophisticated solutions and systems. Many years of experience in the field of high technology and the mixture of space, telematics and software competencies ensure that the group is well positioned as one of the driving and independent forces in the European space and high-tech industry.

As a member  of the OHB Group, we can harness the knowledge of more than 3,000 top engineers for your benefit. Our projects are typically staffed by experts from different areas and always with the goal of finding the best and most efficient solution for our customers.

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