What is awareness?

Security awareness entails the knowledge of cyber threats, risks and appropriate security practices. Security awareness is also the realization that people are the greatest IT risk. But the good thing is: humans can learn.

With this in mind, we have set ourselves the goal of offering our customers an appropriate learning experience in cyber security awareness   through interactive workshops, informative videos and regular updates on the latest criminal practices. Through regular testing, we can document the progress made by your employees in developing security awareness.

The White Team

Programs for promoting employee security awareness are playing an increasingly important role in a good cyber strategy. For example, trained users are critical for detecting and preventing phishing attacks, which can easily overcome your technical perimeter protection and quickly penetrate deep into your system via compromised passwords. Prepackaged awareness solutions are available for purchase in a variety of ways, but it is doubtful whether they fit the organization, the processes, the IT environment. What are the minimum measures, processes or reports required to achieve the desired level of compliance? Our White Team can help you answer these questions and provide security awareness training and workshops tailored to your specific situation.

The human as a gateway

We are experiencing times of upheaval. New developments such as working from home or remotely have entered our lives. It is precisely in times such as these that it becomes increasingly important to rely on trained employees at all levels of the company - from the IT specialist to the board of directors or office staff. All employees should be well informed in order to make the best possible decisions for your company and to protect yourself and your company from cyberattacks.  

All it takes to open the door for cybercriminals to enter your IT infrastructure/IT systems and thus access your most valuable data is opening a malicious attachment or sending personal data on a seemingly bona-fide website.  

Cyber security awareness is targeted at all employees, showing them the value of safe use of the Internet and all programs.

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Benefit from best practices in cyber security developed in over 30 years of experience in engineering highly secure satellite systems.

Contact us for commitment-free advice on pentest, vulnerability analyses and phishing!

What companies should take awareness training?

According to Microsoft, 71% of cyberattacks are targeted at medium-sized or small businesses. On average, a successful attack costs the company around €774,000 and force  60% of these companies to close down. These figures are frightening and have been on the rise for years.  

Now it is important to create a corporate culture in which every employee is aware of the risks of such an attack and knows how to respond  to protect your company and themselves. 

In a preliminary step, our customers often choose a vulnerability analysis.

Awareness training customized to your needs

Out-of-the-box awareness solutions can be purchased in many different ways; however, it is doubtful whether they also fit your specific organization, the processes and the IT environment. Depending on your wishes and ideas, we can make suggestions for individual awareness training in active or passive form, workshop or videos. Together we will find a solution for you and your company.

To track individual progress, it is worth performing regular phishing simulations.

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Does this sound interesting for you and your company? If so, get in touch with us.