Cloud solutions can significantly contribute to ensuring the flexibility, adaptability and changeability of agile software and applications in long term.


The benefits of cloud solutions

Scalability: Flexible rollout from small to large number of employees.

Cost benefits: You only pay for what you need.

Security: Microsoft Azure is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified and thus offers the most modern standards for the entire platform.

Mobile: See the same status everywhere.

Improved collaboration: Close cooperation thanks to planning and development with modern software development platforms.

Automatic updates: All employees always have the latest version of the software installed.

Speed: A change is rolled out within minutes.

Multi-Device: Supporting a wide range of current devices.

Prevention of data loss: Backups in highly secure data centers prevent data loss due to negligence, cases of fire or hacker attacks.

Our multiple cloud solutions


Our experts support you on your way to the cloud. We help you in using modern methods, technologies and tools. Whether it is on site, or remotely: we take care of your problems. We don't just drop some consulting package to “implement” at your site. We carefully consider the goal of your initiative and work towards that goal and that goal only.


Laptop during a meeting

Our services in the field of cloud consulting

Admin & security consulting for a secure cloud (e.g. using Microsoft 365)

Data visualizations using Power BI

License management for cloud tools

Identity and access management

Management of endpoint devices (laptops, tablets, mobile phones)

Data protection and information security (GDPR)

Consultation process

Our consulting jobs usually follow this flow:

  1. Together, we have a no-commitment first meeting; we talk about ideas, requirements and challenges. If possible, we exchange initial ideas and discuss them.

  2. We talk about the big picture and ask questions so that we can understand the system in which we operate. The outcome should be a strategy that includes cloud adoption and builds the groundwork for the future. It is essential that this initiative is shared and led by the company leadership team.

  3. The strategy phase is followed by us supporting you. This includes workshops, constant or spot support or other types of support services. We will discuss the suggestions together and agree on a common approach.



If we both agree on the procedure, we closely monitor the project at short intervals and with a special eye on the goals to be achieved.

Every cloud concept also includes a security concept. This is an essential part of our analyses. Together we find the balance between secure systems and powerful, flexible software solutions.

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