We are convinced that processes in production, logistics and other areas need to be more digital, more transparent and more reliable. Increasing efficiency to remain competitive both globally and locally is essential. This also includes digitizing processes so that we can continuously analyze, optimize and automate them. The necessary technologies, sensors and algorithms are already available. The key point is to find the right solution for your use case.

We develop efficient applications that fit to your company. Our goal is to bring digitalization to your value chain to create real added value.

Cloud Consulting

You are thinking about using cloud solutions? Take profit from our expertise.

Activity Tracking

With our Vessel Performance Monitoring we offer a smart tool for the monitoring of critical performance data of a ship.

Data Analytics

We help you visualizing data and generating insights from it. With Power BI, we pave the way to data-driven decisions.


Our solution for forwarding agencies: Navitrans. It is perfectly adapted to logistic service providers, who want easy-to-control processes bundled in one system.

Earth Observation

Satellite data can also be used for commercial applications: We support you in solving your challenges with the help of satellite data.

Natural Language Processing

NLP is a sophisticated software solution for automatic analysis, processing, verification and understanding of text-based data.

Urban Green View

Using satellite data for more green in our cities to tackle climate change

Examples from previous projects

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