Security standards

The ongoing fulfillment of standardized security requirements are at the heart of IT security compliance within your company. In Germany, these requirements can be found in "IT-Grundschutz" issued by the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and additionally standardized on an international level by ISO 27001. These guidelines serve as the foundation for implementing an information security management system (ISMS for short) that enables your company to manage the security of your digital assets and business-critical data professionally and transparently in accordance with the highest security requirements.

Security standards
Cybersecurity Checkup

Your cybersecurity checkup

The first step in ensuring ongoing compliance with the applicable policies and process structures is to analyze the status quo. For this purpose, we offer a no-commitment security checkup that gives you a direct overview of your current compliance status and any vulnerabilities.

The checkup takes the form of a discussion with one of our experts - ideally directly on your premises. During this discussion, the processes, measures and guidelines within your company with regard to IT and cyber security are examined by means of targeted questions and evaluated in the light of standardized security requirements such as ISO27001 and IT-Grundschutz (BSI). Subsequently, you will receive a summarized checklist that allows you to see exactly what criteria for cybersecurity compliance have been met and what ones require further attention.

Benefit from best practices in cyber security from over 30 years of experience in developing highly secure satellite systems.

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What comes after the cybersecurity checkup?

After you receive the checklist from our cybersecurity team, we will be happy to advise you on an ongoing basis on the implementation of the measures we recommend. We are also available as a direct contact for the roll-out or implementation of an information security management system (ISMS) in accordance with the applicable standards and the implementation of specific technical or organizational measures, such as secure software development in accordance with our best-practice models. If required, we can also show you how cloud solutions from Microsoft and others can decisively help you and your company to meet legal compliance requirements.

In addition, we perform penetration tests and vulnerability analyses, which directly assist you in achieving the defined compliance goals and simultaneously enhance the security of your systems and employees.

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