The number of companies affected by cyber attacks is growing all the time. In 2020, companies in Germany experienced more than 108,000 cyber attacks, causing damage of more than one billion euros. This makes cybercrime one of the biggest business risks facing German companies today.

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We offer you targeted IT security that adapts to your needs, bringing best practices from over 30 years of experience in developing highly secure satellite systems. We help you gain an end-to-end view of your IT security to protect your business assets in the digital world. 

We work with you to develop an effective IT security strategy that pragmatically assesses your risk. Our security experts support you with countermeasures, workshops and penetration tests to implement this strategy in a targeted manner.

We answer the most pressing questions about IT security

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Compliance and awareness: How to build integrated risk management.


Cyber Security Health-Check

Is your IT infrastructure effectively protected from attacks?


Cyber Security Wall

What defensive measures are useful for averting cyber attacks?


  •  Cloud security with Microsoft 365 and Azure
  •  Secure software development​ (Tools & Dev)
  •  Analysis of and adjustments to the IT (security) architecture

Some examples of how we can assist your company

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OHB Digital Services is a certified Microsoft partner and a member of Allianz für Cyber-Sicherheit

Our experts offer independent advice using a straightforward and agile approach. We rely on well-known and reliable tools and methods.

Find out how our experts can support you

Cloud security consulting

You want to move your business into the cloud but you are worried about security risks? Our IT security experts will assist you during all phases of your cloud migration and operations.


Pentests detect vulnerabilities in your IT systems by simulating a real attack - without causing actual damage!

Phishing simulations

Through customized, realistic simulations of phishing attacks, we can help you understand the current security level of your organization's human component.

Vulnerability analysis

Constant awareness and defensive readiness in the event of attacks as well as immediate intervention in response to security incidents are indispensable for stable IT security.


What are the minimum measures, processes or reports necessary to achieve the desired level of compliance? We help you answer these questions.

Awareness training

Awareness training and programs to promote security awareness among employees play a crucial role in a good cyber strategy.

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