Efficiency is currently failing because of

too much manual work

  • For example material or goods movements are often still paper-based or logged in simple Excel applications

  • This leads to a high error rate and inefficient use of resources

technical limits

  • “Excel was the right solution in the beginning. Now we're suffocating in data." 

  • The planners have no basis for decision-making, as no real-time information is available

With the combination of artificial intelligence, smart sensors and satellite data, we create a user-friendly, high-performance and customizable digital twin of corporate processes. Satellite data can help to efficiently digitize corporate processes.

Our software solution offers the possibility to digitally replicate processes, production facilities or warehouses 1:1 and to digitally map all relevant objects. The results are complete transparency of all processes and full control.

We integrate satellite data or indirectly track them with the help of smart algorithms if it is possible. This is easy and saves the expensive equipment of many IoT devices.

Higher transparency, higher occupational safety, lower CO2 emissions thanks to features such like:

  • Scan-free location of goods
  • Live tracking in 3D
  • Capacity and utilization planning
  • Ad hoc order prioritization

The used technology is characterized by the fact that it can be easily retrofitted, individual processes can be taken into account and can be implemented cost-effectively.

The area of ​​application spreads to a wide range of industries

construction sites



outdoor warehousing


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