Ongoing digitization is causing a rapid increase in available text-based data, the growth of which is constantly accelerating. It is therefore no easy task to prepare, process and analyze this overwhelming amount of information and data. As an effective tool for the automated processing of natural language texts, we offer sophisticated Natural Language Processing (NLP) software solutions. Behind these solutions lies the great potential to make business processes more efficient, less resource-intensive and more cost-effective. The central technical components are the so-called language models, of which multilingual models are also available.

A selection of possible applications for NLP:

Application possibility: Intelligent and flexible search

Intelligent and flexible search

If unstructured data repositories make it difficult to find relevant information and specifying precise keywords in a search query is not practically possible or desired, then (e.g., as an additional search option) NLP language models can enable a flexible search that compares the meaning of the search query with the information from the data repository and presents those results that are semantically most similar to the search query. Furthermore, the language models can be adapted to a domain-specific language.

Automatic processing and mapping

NLP methods can automatically analyze natural language text, check it, and prepare it for further process steps. Furthermore, it is possible to assign instances or information to a text according to its meaning, e.g. the responsible department to a customer inquiry, or the relevant legal texts to a described issue. The automation of repetitive activities allows employees to focus on their core competencies.

Application possibility: Extraction of relevant information

Extraction of relevant information

If a lot of text-based data is generated in the daily business processes and only a certain portion of the content of this data is crucial depending on the processes being processed, language models can be trained to extract the relevant information automatically.

Machine translation

Another typical NLP application enables automatic translation of text-based data from one language to another.

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Projects in which NLP plays an important role:


The aim of this project is the reliable automated translation of natural language requirements for technical systems into a machine-usable form. Various NLP tools - including open source systems with OHB Digital Services as the knowledge carrier - are to be applied to natural language requirements from real space projects. This project is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy as part of the National Program for Space and Innovation and is technically and administratively supported by the German Space Agency at DLR. Further information on ExANT


Semantic Finder

The core of this research project represents a domain-specific semantic search engine that, in the context of space-related requirements documents, takes into account the meaning of individual words in a text, in contrast to conventional keyword-based search. Thus, this modular software solution enables the search of documents and concrete information without having to rely on the input of specific keywords. As a result, employees can find the required documents without having to rely on expert knowledge and do not have to search in (unstructured) data repositories.

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