ESA Feasibility Study: Space4LevelCrossing

"Space4LevelCrossing - Space-based Innovative Solutions for Level Crossing Safety“ will perform a feasibility study of technical and commercial viability of innovative solutions based on use of satellite data in combination with the train on-board environment perception system for services/products for Automated Level Crossing Condition Monitoring to enhance the collection of level crossing safety data, and for Improved Level Crossing Warning to provide an easily deployable low-cost warning system.

Users and their needs:

The users that would be considered in the feasibility study for two proposed services are users who are strongly interested in increasing the safety at rail/road Level Crossings:

  • Infrastructure Managers - the owners and operators of the railways network
  • Railway operators – the train owners that provide the service of passengers and goods transport
  • Local communities, state institutions and safety authorities – could be interested in installing of this service as part of the measures to reduce number of fatalities and serious injuries at Level Crossings.

Service/system concept:

Space assets, GNSS & Earth Observation, will be used in combination with train on-board systems and level crossing IoT, to improve the overall safety and maintenance efficiency.

Project Consortium:

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Space4LevelCrossing is an activity supported by the European Space Agency under the Business Applications and Space Solutions Programme.

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