Secure cloud

The adoption of cloud computing offers opportunities such as improved scalabilityflexibility and predictable costs. However, processing data in the cloud requires us to think about hidden information security risks.

A common mistake during any cloud migration is failing to analyze the impact on the existing IT infrastructure. This results in the removal of perimeter protection without adequate replacements. New solutions have to be able to operate on a vendor-agnostic basis across all device and network boundaries.

We offer workshops addressing all security solutions such as AWS, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft EMS and Microsoft 365. We show you the measures you can take to protect your business without incurring unnecessary cost or reducing your scope for action.

Secure Cloud

Digitization and data protection for your company

Many companies rely on Microsoft 365 Business or Office 365. A lot of times, though, the dashboards are left unnoticed, default settings remain untouched and features for better security go unused. Discovering Microsoft’s own tools for maintaining enterprise-wide compliance and enabling modern security management based on various reports and secure scores can be a real eye-opener. It also enables you to address your security risks in an easy and efficient way.

Using the customized  configuration of Microsoft Information Protection and Data Loss Prevention, it is easy to prevent data leakages and therefore avoid the loss of proprietary information or data mishaps as defined in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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