Visibility and data availability at any time and at any place are critical in the offshore sector. The projects generate high costs and the use of ships particularly entails heavy cost pressure due to expensive berthing times, port costs and travel expenses. With Vessel Performance Monitoring (VPM), we monitor the critical performance data of a ship, including journey time, activities, consumption and weather data, which are subsequently correlated. VPM is a robust and simple-to-use mobile app running on iOS and in a browser and has been in use 24/7 for two years.

Central features

  • State-of-the-art web technology (PWA, offline-capable, cross-device-capable)

  • Integrated with BI tool (e.g. Power BI) for data mining  (via visualization, reporting and analysis)

  • Turnkey solution, customizable

Central features of Vessel Performance Monitoring (VPM)

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