What is a vulnerability analysis?

A vulnerability analysis is an automated process in which the IT infrastructure within your company is proactively examined for existing vulnerabilities. A vulnerability scanner is used for this purpose, which automatically performs detailed security checks on your infrastructure after initial configuration and documents any IT security vulnerabilities found. For the detection and evaluation, the scanner accesses a database in which already known vulnerabilities, software bugs, misconfigurations and other indicators of a security gap are listed. 

Through vulnerability assessment, it is possible to test even a wide IT infrastructure for vulnerabilities in the appropriate time frame and provide a comprehensive overview of the security level within your organization. Along the discovery of vulnerabilities in your infrastructure, a vulnerability assessment can also ensure compliance with industry security standards, such as PCI-DSS.

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The difference compared to the pentest

In the context of a vulnerability analysis, primarily automated scans are performed, which detect known security problems. For detection and evaluation, the scanner accesses a database in which already known vulnerabilities, software bugs, misconfigurations and other indicators of a security gap are listed. For optimal results, the scanner is granted extensive network and system access in order to test the target systems more intensively. The results of the scan are then validated by our experts before we present them to you and evaluate them together. From the results presented, we work with you to identify courses of action and opportunities for improvement that will add long-term value to your company's security. 

In contrast to a vulnerability analysis, the penetration test offers a targeted and highly individualized security review, which is characterized by the manual pentesting techniques of our experts. Each system is thoroughly analyzed and tested here, which means that even more complex attack chains with a major impact on the security of your infrastructure can be detected. As a result, the actual damage potential in the event of a real security incident can be determined and minimized through individual measures based on the results of our tests.  

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Vulnerability analyses for your company

The particularly rapid pace of digitization is creating many different digital threats to you and your business. Thus, it is of great importance that you maintain a high level of security in your company at all times in order to protect your systems and especially also business-critical data from malicious actors of any kind. Through proactive vulnerability assessments, you can identify deficiencies and problems in your cybersecurity at an early stage and realize even better protection for your employees and your company through professional advice. This allows you and your company to prepare for emergencies and minimize potential damage by maintaining a continuously high level of security.

What comes next according to the vulnerability analysis?

An initial vulnerability analysis is just a starting point for improving the security of your systems. The recommendations for action resulting from the findings should be implemented in a timely manner for maximum added value. A vulnerability assessment is merely a snapshot of the level of security within your organization, highlighting deficiencies and the need for action. Regular vulnerability scans allow you to monitor the evolution of your cybersecurity and the effectiveness of various new measures, while discovering new security gaps in your systems that can be directly addressed and thus closed in a timely manner. 

IT security is an ongoing process. The constant innovation and further development of your digital products and services is also linked to the risk of new security vulnerabilities. It is therefore essential for your company to proactively examine the current state of IT security on a regular basis and to continuously drive it forward.

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Active defense for your IT infrastructure

We help you defend your systems during a real cyber incident and protect them from further damage. Through forensic analysis of compromised infrastructure and the establishment of appropriate monitoring systems, attack paths of malicious actors can be uncovered, understood and prevented in the future to avert further cyber attacks.

In addition, we offer training for your employees, in which a procedure suitable for your company is taught for the analysis and processing of past, but also future cyber incidents. In particular, the use and necessity of monitoring systems is also taught here, so that your company can act in good time by detecting malicious activity within your systems at an early stage and minimizing potential damage.

Proactive improvement of your IT security

With our vulnerability analyses, we offer you a simple way to analyze the current state of your IT security. Together with you, our experts will develop suggestions for improvement and, if necessary, new security concepts based on the results of the analysis and suggest approaches for establishing corresponding concepts in the company. Through ongoing vulnerability analyses, we also support you in recognizing or implementing new threats and corresponding action measures in good time, thus guaranteeing a continuously high level of security. 

In order to optimally promote the cyber security of your company, we support you by equipping and training your IT staff with common tools in order to create sensitivity for security gaps on the one hand and to build up experience for your employees on the other hand.

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