ESA Feasibility Study: Space for Urban Green

The objective of the Urban Green View project is to perform a feasibility study of technical and commercial viability of Earth Observation (EO)-based services to support the development of sustainable services for the integration of green spaces in a sustainable urban context and so to improve the handling of present and future climate change related hazards. The target user community and market cover entities with intrinsic motivation to protect urban areas from climate hazards and reduce stress to urban society are given by city administration (e.g., planning agencies), gardening and landscaping, forestry, and environmental agencies.

EO-based services to be analysed in the project:

  • Monitoring/detection of the changes in vegetation (monitoring of the urban greenery and their dynamics) 
  • Estimation of corridors of cold air that could be used for city administration and/or building constructors planning purposes
  • Monitoring of heat zones

Data sources:

  • Satellite data, such as Copernicus Sentinels; other non-commercial satellite missions (e.g., Landsat); commercial satellite data, as well as upcoming satellite mission MTG or EnMAP.

Project Consortium:

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Urban Green View is carried out under a programme of and funded by the European Space Agency.

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