A framework for ArcelorMittal 

Unification of front-end development based on current technology forms the basis for future system modernizations

The ArcelorMittal Group is the largest steel group in the world. This cooperation resulted from the common focus on efficiency and the continuous improvement of processes. Over the years, smaller and larger projects have developed in the process.


Creation of a software framework for the connection of backend systems and unified creation of frontends


ArcelorMittal Bremen GmbH



"We have been working successfully with OHB Digital Services GmbH for many years."

Claus Otten - ArcelorMittal Bremen

In flexible collaboration that can adapt to the wishes and requirements, both of the company and of digital progress, we use software where conventional planning reaches its limits. 

Good software must be continuously developed. Therefore, we are always at the customer's side to help him master his individual challenges. Cooperation is a top priority. It is not only based on a pure implementation of the elaborated specification of the customer's wishes, but on a continuous recording of technical requirements in order to adapt and continuously improve proposals, implementation and maintenance solutions.

"This involves, among other things, supporting our own software development, short- and longer-term projects, and also advisory work around digital business transactions."

Claus Otten - ArcelorMittal Bremen

Through a major framework project with .NET technology and the development of various components, we supported the customer in the creation and further development of a unified and reusable automation system with flexible software architecture. In addition, our software developers created several applications based on Microsoft Power BI at short notice as well as a guide to them in order to simplify data management and analysis. 

OHB Digital Services is supporting ArcelorMittal with larger or smaller projects, selective consulting, e.g. for agile software development, or by means of an extended on-call service and is thus part of a sustainable and holistic approach in supporting the customer's business objectives.

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