Support with the development of the French partner ground segment for SAR-Lupe

OHB System created the interface between the German satellite reconnaissance system and the French ground station FSLGS. On-demand provision of high-definition radar images from archive systems using software from OHB Digital Services.


Software project


OHB System AG



Customer benefits

  • Reception and processing of high-definition radar images at any time and  place and in all weather conditions
  • High availability of the supply of data
  • Automated archiving and deliveries in a highly secure private cloud
  • Smart data management
  • Multilingual user interface (French / English) with easy handling


Focus on security of customer data

In a system like SAR-Lupe, data security is the most important factor. That is why the multi-client capability was particularly important in the archive system so that users in the European network can only access their own data. Nevertheless, our system is ...

  • ... readily scalable
  • ... also scalable for other EU countries
  • ... the basis for EU-wide cooperation in satellite reconnaissance


Further European partners can also be integrated in the future in order to establish an EU-wide joint education network.

High level of automation

  • The end user can request the data (possibly with increased availability time) and can not see whether the data is stored in a high-availability part or in a long-term storage archive

  • Fully automated storage of image data (transition from image data acquisition to storage)

  • Automation of archiving from private cloud to offline storage via robot-controlled transfer to DVD or tape


International teamwork in a highly regulated area

Working in a team of more than 10 software developers, we managed to advance the international project with our expertise in software development. For this purpose, OHB Digital Services developed innovative software that creates the interface between SAR-Lupe and the FSLGS.

  • Development of Windows services and the bilingual graphical user interface in English and French

  • Involvement of certified external experts for maintenance


Technologies used:

  • C# for software development

  • ClearQuest for error tracking


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