Long-term collaboration with OHB System in IT-consultation and software development

We support our sister company OHB System AG in the topics of digital transformation and innovative services.


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OHB System AG



Our specialists support the software department of OHB System AG in software development projects to include up-to-date technologies and methods. To ensure an sufficient amount of ressources, we fastly react to changes in our projects. As requested by our customer we completed independently some minor software projects. As a result there are completed applications that support OHB System in their daily operations.

"For us OHB Digital Services has been a reliable partner for many years now. We receive support in our own software development by technical experts as well as overall consultation services."

Dirk Roßkamp, Head of Software - OHB System AG

Agility plays a key role in a future-oriented company. To change methods of operating, to work cross-sectoral in an efficient way, to realise quality improvements and to guarantee more satisfaction, we helped to lead the teams into more self-organisation.

With strategy and target setting workshops we supported OHB System in the transformation to an agile operation. This included coachings of an internal transition team as well as further support on project level.

"The competences of OHB Digital Services GmbH in organisation development and in agile methods helped us becoming more succesful."

Dirk Roßkamp, Head of Software - OHB System AG

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